What We Do

We deal with every type of music-related agreement on a daily basis, and can help you navigate these sometimes complex waters with ease. Some of the agreements that we can help you draft, negotiate, or review include:

Band Agreement – between band members; sets out who owns band name, who owns songs, what happens if a member leaves, how revenues are split, and so much more. A crucial first step for any serious artist.

Producer Agreement
– between musicians and producer; crucial in order to outline whether producer is to receive songwriting credits, royalties on record sales, etc.

Recording Agreement
– between label and artist; we can provide a comprehensive review of the record deal, and explain the real-world consequences for the artist.

Management Agreement

Agent Agreement

Publishing and/or Co-Publishing Agreement

Publishing Administration Agreement

Incorporation Agreement - to set up Corporation. We act as the head office and records center for dozens of B.C. corporations, and have extensive experience in setting up and maintaining them. 

Shareholders Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Investor Agreement
– need investors for your upcoming album/project? We can draft the agreement to ensure the best scenario for both the investors and the investee.

Side-man Agreement
– between artist and hired musician

Live Performance Agreement
– between artist and venue

Synchronization/Master Use Agreement
– for use of songs in film/tv/online